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Pre-Wedding Romance Shoots

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, September 22, 2008

Part of the initial deal I have for photographing a wedding is the offer of a pre-wedding Romance Shoot. Currently it’s not costed into the wedding and I don’t hide it by raising other parts of the price list.  Not saying that it’s always going to be free,… but that is the way it is now.


Because if I don’t know the couple and the couple don’t know me from a bar of soap then this is a fabulous way for us to build a healthy working relationship and a friendship.  After all, I am going to be spending more time with the wedding party than anyone else.  So if a fabulous, enjoyable and fun time is going to be had by all then it’s best we get familiar early.  It’s that simple.

Yesterday we had a romance shoot with Joe and Kristy.  They’re a great pair.  Really got into the idea of a casual photo shoot. Didn’t take them long to relax and get up close and personal :-).

Went up to the pine trees in Kings Park to start with – long grass and mosquitoes – not too many biting thankfully.  Then onto King Street in the heart of Perth and Shafto Lane.  Great places for urbane shooting.  More on them next post.

For now a couple of shots from the first 15 minutes of the shoot yesterday.  It’s quite normal for a couple to be just a bit hesitant and nervous as they get a feel of the sort of things that I would be asking of them.  So if I get pics like these of Kristy and Joe right early in a shoot then I reckon some absolutely fabulous shots will come when the wedding location shoot starts up at the revamped El Caballo Blanco resort where the amazing Andalusian horses have returned after many years. But you will have to wait til November for that.

Come back in a few days for pics from King Street Arts Centre and Shafto Lane.


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Felicity & Brant Romance Shoot

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, June 18, 2008

Well now this is what we call “putting the horse before the cart!” . Yesterday some wedding shots and tonight some from their prewedding Romance session. But there’s a very good reason. I didn’t get home til close to 10pm tonight – budgets and forecasts from the day job! So these were already set to go. That said we had an absolute ball taking these. Hope you enjoy them.

a couple of pics then if you want to see more click on the link “2“.

They\'ve Done This Before!

Don’t go away yet … heaps more fabulous photos if you click on the Read More>> tag below

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