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It All Begins Somewhere

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, January 10, 2008

I gotta tell you. And it might come as a surprise to some.  But 5 kids and 14 grandkids have just got to start somewhere.  Don’t go looking under rocks or cabbage patches.  No point blaming someone else.  The  Harold Holt government of 41 years ago wasn’t the cause.  It was these two.

And I’ve got to tell you they were really keen to help ensure the long photoshoot ran smoothly.  Why?  Because they love their kids & Grandkids and they know what memories are made of.   Great isn’t it!

The Buck Stops Here


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Living in 2008

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, January 1, 2008

Some years just seem to fade into the rear vision mirror and yet others remain vibrant and alive in the memory bank for eons. Theres a multitude of good and bad reasons for that.  For me 2007 will remain as one of new beginnings.  And 2008? Don’t we always look forward to the freshness that a new year seems to bring.  I wish you well for this New Year ahead and hope that will be blessed with fabulous lifelong memories by the time it ends.

Today’s pic was taken on Saturday 29th of December. Huge 26 strong extended family shoot over 5 hours and untold photos taken.  This little guy was a bit tired at this point but fluctuated with laughter and tears.  He plonked himself down on the grass and just looked around at all that was going on.  He wasn’t looking a me, but way past the camera.

He probably won’t remember anything of 2008 – it’s only his second year.  But through it he will laugh and cry and be happy and be sad.  But often he will do what he did when I took this pic – just look and take in all that is.  And it will create an imagining that children do so well.  May I should hope that each of us take the time to do exactly that in 2008 also.

Do you see what I see

Do you see what I see

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