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Northam Wedding

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, June 22, 2008

Northam is a country centre 100kms east north east of Perth in the beautiful Avon Valley. Two weeks ago I went there to assist Chris Brown [Small Package Films] in photographing Benella & Greg’s wedding.

Absolute fabulous day. Touch of cloud that became a beautiful diffuser as the afternoon went on. Just what any photographer will order for some outside park photos down by the Avon River.

Great bit about this wedding was that the guys were ready to go for the pics when I arrived. That was awesome guys. This meant a relaxing opportunity to get some photos without being too rushed. So I’m mainly going to show pics of the guys,… and maybe tomorrow a few of the amazing 1929 Vintage cars tooooo – courtesy of our lovely bride’s grandfather. And it’s true, even for Granddad’s, that a guy has to have his toys :-). Of course, just to even it up I might throw in some of the colour that the ladies added!

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The Guys On The Team

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, May 11, 2008

Wedding photography is a team game,… a two way street .

It’s not only the photographer’s perceptions and influence but it’s also the expectations and participation of the various people involved. Since doing some second shooting at weddings [where I assist the contracted photographer – Chris Brown ] I’ve spent some time contemplating / analysing / reflecting on my experiences when it comes to shooting the guys in all the weddings I’ve shot.

Hmmm! Often it’s been less than relaxed. Chaotic even. More intent at burning off the nervous energy than getting ready for pics. At the same time you have this photographer who can make the mistake of assuming they would keen to get their faces into a digital image.

What’s the answer? Clarity in pre-planning with the groom and communicating that first up with all the guys. A bunch of guys on a wedding will, if there is no direction, go in all directions at a whim. It’s a team thing. At this wedding I talked to each of the guys as I took their individual photos first up. Told them what the pics were going to be used for.

So guys, this is what I had in mind with those first pics – simple portraits with a purpose. Sure we took heaps more pics of you during the day. But you got into game right from the start. It’s not just about the glamorous girls 🙂 mostly but not all.

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Guys Ready To Go

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, May 6, 2008

Sean was just a tad nervous. We used all the blues of the room and furniture as a calming effect for a pic full of smiles that actually camouflage the reality of inner butterflies. We guys don’t like to admit such a thing though!Relaxed formal for guys full of nervous energy

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