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One of Five

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, January 5, 2008

After the last post about my marathon “family” shoot I said some pics of the various couples would be were coming. OK,… Here’s one that were clearly not afraid to trust me as I put them out on the edge of the rocks for their pics. Couldn’t have been all that comfortable there but they took it in their stride, relaxed and got real close and personal.

I really would have liked to have spent more time with each couple but with 26 people and a million combinations it’s not always possible in the one session. Nonetheless I think they come across pretty personable. In fact the whole family were great as we worked to get relaxed/relational pics in very contrasty conditions (it is summer in sunny West Australia after all).


and I really love the shots I was getting here…




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Thankful for Gardens Creator

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, December 16, 2007

One more from yesterdays shoot in the marvellous Harold Boas Gardens. The whole area is made up of little cameo places – as if it was designed by a horticulturalist who had an interest in painting or photography. Even the placement of the park benches for people just to sit and contemplate. And it’s so peaceful despite being right next to a very busy shopping precinct.

So I’ve pushed this one into a watercolour and significantly reduced the rich healthy saturation of colours and tonings to allow the view to ‘see’ into the photo.


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