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Karen in Blue Tones

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, August 26, 2008

I like toning photos. Doesn’t mean I don’t love colour,… just that sometimes colour can work against the subject being portrayed.

So tonight, while downloading a pile of pics taken earlier today on a work Insights Discovery Seminar, I grabbed another of Karen and gave it the works in blue tonings.

Now if Seth doesn’t love this one then he’s been overtaken by a serious brain-befuddling illness. and just to show that I am not biased, below that is the two of them together – in rich colour.

Karen in Blue Tones
In a place full of memories

In a place full of memories

And the seminar.

A personality based seminar for helping people understand what makes them tick and what makes other people different to them.  You can find out more of that at the Insights web page. I discovered that I’m just as perfect as ever [well maybe not quite perfect] and that other people have the odd flaw or two [different to me anyway!]


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Backup Your Photos BEFORE the Computer Crashes!

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, August 26, 2008

For years I have been excruciatingly particular about backing up my photos – especially wedding pics. But I never really believed it would happen to me.  Have had a couple of hard disks come to grief,… but they gave indications and so I changed them.

Well it has happened. Very little indication of anything wrong.  So for the last 10 days I have been without my main computer.  BUT.  I never lost any photos.  And the wedding pics I am about to drop into their respective proof books are all safe. Sure I haven’t been able to work on them for nearly two weeks.  But critical backups have meant that no photos have been lost and no work completed has been wasted.

For all those who view this,…. PLEASE,…. even if it is “just” family snapshots do regular backups.  Put them onto dvd’s.  Get a second hard disk in your computer and back up to that.  Better still get two extra hard disks and use one for your photos and one for the backups of your photos.  Computers do crash and hard disks do die – both noisily and silently.

Nonetheless I have a second computer that is a bit slower.  So from Saturday week ago here are a few more of Seth and Karen just before they left for the USofA.

Celebrating Life

Celebrating Life

Happy Couple

Happy Couple

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Olde School Sepia

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, July 23, 2008

Ok.  I admit it.  I love colour photos.  But I also am a total sucker for the good old time B&W and Sepia tonings.  So I’ve been doing up some pics from a family shoot with the Spiccia’s.  They were a fabulous and enthusiastic couple.  And the youngsters were really into the photos too.  we took all sorts of combinations.  This one was their “we’re being serious” look.  I tell you they had trouble holding it without totally cracking up.

So I played around with a couple when finishing the processing this week.  Here’s the result. The colour ones were great.  But I love the timeless feel of this Olde School Sepia look.

Check back late in the week for some pics of another “Photo-Booth” session done at a recent wedding.  Some of them were totally hilarious.

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Heather, Coffee, and Photographic Equipment

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, March 22, 2008

Now it isn’t very often that I get to take pics of Heather these days. Mostly when we go out for coffee it’s a “no camera” zone,…. that is she wants my attention not my focus and exposure … if you get my drift!

Well last week I got to take a few pics – I’ve been using Nikon digitals for a few years and recently have been loaned a Canon 30D. Well I needed to keep testing it – didn’t I. Tell you what, the 30D is certainly much faster/easier in focus than my current Nikons. But then it’s newer technology too.

And today we when we went for a coffee we went out with the intent of checking out the wireless flash equipment. Now I know I could have done that at home with a stuffed toy or an empty box, but it’s heaps more fun doing it with a real person at the end of the lens.

Thing is I need to give good consideration, at the moment, as to whether I stick with Nikon and buy one of the brand spanking new fantabulous D300 units or do I take the plunge and go over to the DARK SIDE and buy a Canon 40D or even a 5D full frame. It’s an expensive shift. I can get two 40D’s for the price of one D300. Now I know that the D300 is 5 times better than the 40D but will the end results be that much better? That’s a good question. And the price of camera’s suggests get it right before buying.

So here’s one more from last week. We were sitting having coffee outside the London Court Cafe in central Perth. Heaps of fabulous light being reflected from the old bricks and cream painted walls.

Heather Outside London Court Cafe

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City Walking With a New Friend

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, March 15, 2008

Went shopping in the city of Perth with Heather this morning. Wanted to take a few photos to celebrate her birthday [which was on 26th Feb]. Another amazing early autumn day. We must be the most blessed people in the world to live in this city!

Then lo and behold,… she goes strolling off with this rather tall gentleman in a dark brown suit. Managed to get a photo of her as evidence. As you can see she’s step for step with him. Heading right into St Martins Square. What can one do except post a photo 🙂

For those that missed it, these 5 ‘gentlemen’ were set in place in 2004 to celebrate Perth’s 175th foundation anniversary.

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Posted by akessonphotography on 1, March 9, 2008

Couple of Saturdays ago I shot a Pre-Wedding shoot.  That day we had a little 1 year old along with the cute name of Secoyah.  Now she has got a great personality shining through.  She took in everything and I even think she knew what was happening with the cameras and photography! Fascinating sense of humour too.  Such  placid little angel.  So tonight we have a collage and a couple of others.

Check out the bottom lip – she is going to have one fabulous pout.  You can bet that will come in handy in about 12 years time … or before.

Mum’s Angel

The Pout

Ok and here’s a collage with her practicing walking with Dad.

Secoyah Collage

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New Mum New Photographer

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, February 4, 2008

Saturday I had the privilege of spending a couple of hours helping a relatively new photographer get the best out of Adobe Lightroom.  So she comes along with hubby and bubby – a six month old little angel that you have seen in a previous post.

Now you probably will find this hard to believe but Nils has only been taking photos for a fairly short time.  Not long before she went on Maternity Leave she got hold of a Canon slr and started shooting.  Well take a look at these pics.  None of them are mine.  All I did was convert them to black and white and put them onto a template.  All the rest is her work.

She also showed some of the pics she had been taking of a young mothers group she goes to and they are great.  This girl’s got talent,…. a natural eye for composition.  She’s not afraid to just have a go. Oh yeah she’ll make the odd mistake but make no mistake on this,… she is learning really quick from the ones that don’t work and even quicker from the ones that go WOW!   I will keep you posted on her progress.



Her family is going to get great photos and so are the people who become her clientèle! So what do you reckon?

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Birthday Milestone

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, January 28, 2008

Today marks a significant milestone in the life of some great friends of ours. 10 or 12 years ago they played a big part in helping me to keep a right perspective during a difficult period when pastoring a local church. So to celebrate Heather and I went out with them to a fabulous lunch at the Trigg Island cafe. Beautiful day with an early sea breeze and the blue green ocean waves gently rolling in. Is it any wonder why Perth is one of the magical cities in the world to live!

Of course to record the day a pic of Carol & Brian with ocean breeze cooling us down.


And a quick portrait at home for posterity and future generations!


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Baby Boaz in Black & White

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, January 21, 2008

Promised some different pics of the handsome lil baby boy – here they are in classic BW tones. At this age everything they do is a new adventure for the new parents. Even dads sigh when bubs sleeping, and sigh contentedly when they waken – as if it were some miracle taking place.  And mum’s cry when their precious baby looks as if he’s smiling.  All designed to deepen a parents love for their child. [maybe to prepare them for when their precious bundle changes a tad 13 or 14 years later 🙂 Nonetheless the more one connects at these early stages the greater the love and connection. And that’s the way it is in so much of life. Parenting can be so fascinating.

Boaz Sleeping

3 classics - Feet, sleeping, on tummy.

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Baby Boaz Brooks

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, January 14, 2008

It’s time.  And this is loooooong overdue.  Boaz has arrived.  He’s beautiful,…. we can say that about a boy when he’s this young. That’s why the little swirls around the pics. He’s a baby for goodness sake.  Just 4 weeks old in these pics.
But let me tell you this.  Even though he is tiny now; even though his feet are about the size of dad’s big toe,…. you just wait till he grows.  He is going to be a very big boy!

OK. Two pics.  One has him sleeping.  All the photos plumb tuckered him out.  And the second is a collage of Boaz with his mum and dad.

Sleeping Boaz

Boaz & the brand new parents

We got heps of really great pics of him. Maybe in a day or two a couple of him in Black and White.

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