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Joel’s Wedding [oh and Andrea was there too !]

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, December 18, 2008

That title reflects simply that I am only posting the guys today.  Nothing sexist about it all.  My job last week was second shooter with Chris Brown of Small Package Films and therefore I covered Joel and his three groomsmen.

Wedding and reception was held at the Vines Resort and Country Club.  What a great venue it was too.  HOT BRIGHT SUNNY DAY,… and an outside wedding.  That’s part of the great Australian Summer.  Still the photos were great.  And the guys got into the mood of the day.  And the Bridesmaids were beautiful. And the Flower Maids were awesome – and giggly.  As for Andrea, the Bride, she was just beautiful.  I loved the way she handled the day.  She really looked as if she was having a fabulous time.  I left with the impression that the whole wedding party were really enjoying a memorable day together.

So the photos,… 4 of them today.


There are more to see… so just click on the read more button below to see them all.




I’ll try to drop some details in as well over the next few days,… especially the cake.  Now the cake was a magnificent work of art – a real tower.   Sorry but don’t know who made it.


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