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Photobooth at Belinda & Glenn’s Wedding

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, December 14, 2008

Lot of people haven’t come across photobooths.  Really they aren’t a new idea – rather a “re-imaged” concept for weddings where the guests get to express some of the personality that attracted them to the bride and groom in the first place.  What prompted to give them a go was when I saw the San Diego wedding photographers  Nate & Jaclyn blogging their Crazy Booth – which about sums it up.  Heaps of fun and the wedding couple get great pics of their friends.

So here’s a few sample pics of one of my photobooth shoots.  I used to take a white backdrop but that became a bit of a pain due to space at some of the reception venues.  So now I just try to use what is there and make the best of it.  Mostly I simply drop them into a sepia tone, or in this case and older 70’s style rendition.

bgd-201621 bgd-214017

There are more to see… so just click on the read more button below to see them all.

bgd-202108 bgd-205530

bgd-205409 bgd-210839 bgd-205038 bgd-204806

bgd-215231 bgd-215502

As you can see different people responded in different ways.  And the bride ‘n groom took the opportunity to get their girlfriends and guy friends together in a bunch.

Now if you can come up with another name for a photobooth then feel free to drop a comment – not going to use Crazybooth [already being used by Nate and Jaclyn], nor ‘The Nut Factory’ [already being used by  Bella Rock Studio]  But I reckon I should come up with something different to “photobooth” – after all there are a few of other photographers around WA and wider Australia starting to use that term now.

Next week I’ll blog another example where we used the black curtain that the folk in El Caballo Blanco left up for us.  Now that was a bit of challenge as there wasn’t much room to put up a light on the back of the participants – so we just bounced it off the roof above and walls behind them.


One Response to “Photobooth at Belinda & Glenn’s Wedding”

  1. Jill Smith said

    I love the 70’s style. We have several “traditional” photobooths. We are launching our ‘photo station’ in February – which will include a background etc. We’re also shooting while tethered to our laptop and we’ll be printing off right there for the guests to take home and also to put together an album for the bride and groom….still working out the kinks. The printer still hasn’t arrived yet!!
    Any advise would be much appreciated!
    Looks like you’re having a great time!!

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