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Belinda & Glenn

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, December 12, 2008

Before the Second Take shoot blogged last week was the wedding.  I tell you Joondalup Country Club Resort is well set up for weddings – suppose they should be as they do hundreds each year.  Staff were fabulous – extremely helpful.  Turned out one of the reception waiters was the son of a friend.

Mind you taking the photos can be a challenge – it’s a golf course also and the players are not always skilled.  So when we used a sand bunker for some shots we were really hoping that the hacks were already on the 19th green.

Right from the beginning Belinda was so into the idea of photos.  She was up for anything. So here’s a few random selections and a couple of detail shots.  Tomorrow a selection of the photobooth we took during the reception.

During this wedding I had Nils from Fig Tree Photography shooting. No pics on her blog but I must do a post with some of hers.   She is soooooo creative.  Has a great eye, a fabulous personality, and is going to be well known around Perth before long.

Raring to Go


There are more to see… so just click on the read more button below to see them all.




And of course the details.  Given all the time that a couple give toward in preparing for their wedding  in minute detail we always need to photograph even the smallest things.  So here is the bouquet and shoes and then a few ring shots.  Have to give my assistant the credit for these ones.  She had some time to spare so took a number of variations.  The three here caught my eye.




and finally, a very delicate one…


Come back Sunday and see some Photobooth Samples.

By the way, I saw the work of another wedding photographer’s photobooth. Bella Rock Studio in the USA.  They call it The Nut Factory – and that’s appropriate.  Check it out!


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