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Post-Honeymoon Shoot

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, December 8, 2008

Had the privilege of shooting wedding photos for Belinda and Glenn around a month ago.  [Will post some pics of that fabulous event soon].  After their honeymoon I suggested they come down the beach for a Post-honeymoon Shoot amongst the grasses of the sanddunes and walking along the waters edge.

Come the day it was a bit windy with rolling clouds but not really expected to drop much water.  Yeah right!  In the middle of the shoot the heavens suddenly burst open and down it bucketed for about 2 minutes.  So we had the couple laying in the sand dune with a towel to cover them – not sure if it was much help.  And my assistants and gear and myself were under a small blanket.  Gear was fine but we all got a bit of a wash.  It passed though and we kept on shooting.  At least we were no longer getting sandblasted by the galeforce seabreeze 🙂

A few shots from the shoot.

Before the rain shower

To see other pics click on read more below.


They like each other

Down on the beach

Check back tomorrow for some pics of their wedding,…

and a few more shoots to boot.


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