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Karen in Blue Tones

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, August 26, 2008

I like toning photos. Doesn’t mean I don’t love colour,… just that sometimes colour can work against the subject being portrayed.

So tonight, while downloading a pile of pics taken earlier today on a work Insights Discovery Seminar, I grabbed another of Karen and gave it the works in blue tonings.

Now if Seth doesn’t love this one then he’s been overtaken by a serious brain-befuddling illness. and just to show that I am not biased, below that is the two of them together – in rich colour.

Karen in Blue Tones
In a place full of memories

In a place full of memories

And the seminar.

A personality based seminar for helping people understand what makes them tick and what makes other people different to them.  You can find out more of that at the Insights web page. I discovered that I’m just as perfect as ever [well maybe not quite perfect] and that other people have the odd flaw or two [different to me anyway!]


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