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Photographing Success On Monte Bello Islands Fishing Trip

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, July 22, 2008

My son-in-law went off to Monte Bello Islands fishing with his dad last week. Don’t know what dad caught but the pic below shows MY son-in-law with his fabulous catch of around 25kg – and there weren’t any fish shops around to fake it. Not bad eh! He loves his fishing. So I just had to show it. And just for good measure, just remember that he’s about 6foot6inches or thereabouts so that fish ain’t small:-)

For the uninitiated the Montebello’s are about1,500kms north of Perth – off Onslow where the coastal bump in Australia’s shoreline has turned northeast. In the 1950’s some atomic testing took place there. Have a look at a map. That coast area is renowned for great fishing up there if you are good enough.    Well this fish is “GT” or Giant Trevally as Ryan tells me.

For those of you who saw this post earlier, you will notice some corrections – it wasn’t off Exmouth they went – but north of Onslow.  Anyway we have enjoyed some of the fish – thanks Ryan.

Fishing off Exmouth

Fishing off Onslow on Montebello Islands


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