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Brant & Felicity’s Rainy Day Wedding

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, June 17, 2008

Never had a rainy day wedding before. I mean a really wet rainy day wedding. But this one was. 24th May was going to be fine,… at least thats what the forecast said a week before. Then come Tuesday onwards the prediction was R.A.I.N. with a capital R. So Friday I spent 4 or 5 hours making sure all the potentially wet weather photo venues were going to be good. And heaps of people were praying for fine weather.

Well it rained. Lots. But you know the only time got even the slightest bit damp was down in Victoria Gardens. Took shelter under a smallish gazebo. And got this photo. Looks great in colour too but I like the old skool sepia🙂

and while the rain came down

What a fabulous couple. And what an amazing bride. You know I reckon I have been blessed with all the brides who have such beautiful personality. Just take Felicity [now don’t get literal about things – she’s married now]. I reckon Brant will wake up in about a years time and it will suddenly really hit home what an awesome wife he has!

Anyway they just took it in their stride and when the rain cleared a tad out we went and we got this one. Don’t ya just love it! And I didn’t have to work hard with those happy faces.

Forget the rain let\'s take photos

And finally a little detail shot of the bride’s bouquet.

Maybe next week a few more. But for now just a sneak peek at what’s to come. Tomorrow a couple of shots from a wedding I was second shooter with Chris Brown.


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