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The Honourable Kevin Rudd

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, May 7, 2008

Now here’s a topic to create huge division in Australia,…. just talk about politics and politicians. Everybody has an opinion about politicians in general. And everybody has an opinion about our leaders. Even I have an opinion.  So here goes.

I got to go listen to our Prime Minister at a breakfast in the Grand Ballroom number 2 at Burswood this morning. A few others also came [about 650 others]. I have two impressions to convey. First reflects a personal opinion on public speaking.   Second reflects my response to what I heard.

1.  PM Kevin Rudd is not too bad a speaker,… in terms of political figures in Australia who are all very careful not to veer off the beaten [or written] track. There’s safety in a carefully cultivated creative writing. That’s the way it is nowdays with everyone ready to pounce if a phrase is ever so slightly open to interpretation.  Sadly the loss of eye contact with the audience is a victim of the current climate. Politicians should go listen to some of our contemporary Pentecostal Pastors and learn how to really communicate to the hearts of people.

2.  Nonetheless he spoke with conviction; with a degree of passion and a steely commitment to the long term future of our country. I couldn’t help but continue to gain the impression that not only had we voted for a change of government at the last election, but we had also received a generational change. He might only be about 15 years younger than our previous PM, but he is a generation of difference.

If that was all I got out of this mornings breakfast,… well it would have been sufficient. For me there was a sense of hope, a perception that all will be well in the next few years with Kevin Rudd at the helm. It’s something that I had been feeling since before the election. It’s something that reassures my heart as a father that my daughters’ future in this country remain bright.

But then who really cares what I think. Here’s a pic I took, from the middle of the Grand Ballroom Number 2, of our Honourable Prime Minister this morning.

Go for it Kevin.  Make your own daughters proud of you.  And continue to give my daughters generation hope for the future.


One Response to “The Honourable Kevin Rudd”

  1. Al said

    Well said. It’s amazing as to how passionately he speaks about the future of our country.

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