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Heather, Coffee, and Photographic Equipment

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, March 22, 2008

Now it isn’t very often that I get to take pics of Heather these days. Mostly when we go out for coffee it’s a “no camera” zone,…. that is she wants my attention not my focus and exposure … if you get my drift!

Well last week I got to take a few pics – I’ve been using Nikon digitals for a few years and recently have been loaned a Canon 30D. Well I needed to keep testing it – didn’t I. Tell you what, the 30D is certainly much faster/easier in focus than my current Nikons. But then it’s newer technology too.

And today we when we went for a coffee we went out with the intent of checking out the wireless flash equipment. Now I know I could have done that at home with a stuffed toy or an empty box, but it’s heaps more fun doing it with a real person at the end of the lens.

Thing is I need to give good consideration, at the moment, as to whether I stick with Nikon and buy one of the brand spanking new fantabulous D300 units or do I take the plunge and go over to the DARK SIDE and buy a Canon 40D or even a 5D full frame. It’s an expensive shift. I can get two 40D’s for the price of one D300. Now I know that the D300 is 5 times better than the 40D but will the end results be that much better? That’s a good question. And the price of camera’s suggests get it right before buying.

So here’s one more from last week. We were sitting having coffee outside the London Court Cafe in central Perth. Heaps of fabulous light being reflected from the old bricks and cream painted walls.

Heather Outside London Court Cafe


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