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SuperStar 2008

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, March 21, 2008

For the last 4 years our Kids Church at CCCHH have held an annual Hepburn Heights Super Star event for all the young budding entertainers of primary school age.  Last Sunday morning it was on. And I am truly amazed how talented some of these young kids are.  The odd butterflies to begin with but once they are on they are really into it.  And sometimes the winning talent just seems to come right out of left field.

Two of my favourite pics for today.  The first I felt was one of those really dramatic pics that I didn’t realise was so good til I processed them.  As you can see George the Gorilla was baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! So this one will be my opening pic for the slideshow.

The Gorilla & The Heroine!

And then the guitarist.  He was really good.  Sang that Linkin Park song,… What I’ve Done.  Tough song for a kid so young; a bit long for him.  Nevertheless I reckon he did a pretty fair job at it.  His guitar work was really great.

Look What He’s Done


2 Responses to “SuperStar 2008”

  1. sevenpics said

    nice music in your blog…

  2. Christine Pritchard said

    Great photo of the budding guitarist – he looks like a professional! We’ll give you a call to take photos when we enter him into the Australian Idol Comp…. he is already a winner in the eyes of his family.

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