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Sunday Wedding With Chris Brown

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, March 9, 2008

Last Sunday was a fabulous experience second shooting for Chris Brown at the North Perth Macedonian Church. Chris operates Small Package Films ,… and YES good things do come in small packages! Lots of colour and symbolism. Heaps of really friendly people. Chris is a class photographer; but he’s also a brilliant organiser. Pulled together the photographs and the video guys with great aplomb. All worked like clockwork despite all the little delays that inevitably come with wedding timetables 🙂 But that’s the way of weddings isn’t it.

The church decor was stunning. Ceiling paintwork was amazing. Look closely at the little pics at the bottom of this. (by the way the officiating clergy was Very Reverend Father Stanko Jovanovski – he was brilliant; has a fabulous sense of occasion, humourous, and extremely personable.)

Macedonian Church

Heaps of photos I show, but to different here’s some of the unofficial bridesmaid.

Never come across that title before and it had me wondering til I saw her. She has an amazing personality, full of life and just exudes positivity. But the real reason for the title is that she has less than 4 weeks to go before the birth of her child. So where does an 8+ month pregnant lady get her energy!!!. Her other half, Tony, was one of the groomsmen. She hadn’t had a maternity shoot done so I made sure we captured some photo’s of here.

The ‘unofficial bridesmaid’

All in all a terrific experience in second shooting (something I hadn’t done before but maybe should have. It gives a very different perspective of a wedding. More on another post to come.


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