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New Mum New Photographer

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, February 4, 2008

Saturday I had the privilege of spending a couple of hours helping a relatively new photographer get the best out of Adobe Lightroom.  So she comes along with hubby and bubby – a six month old little angel that you have seen in a previous post.

Now you probably will find this hard to believe but Nils has only been taking photos for a fairly short time.  Not long before she went on Maternity Leave she got hold of a Canon slr and started shooting.  Well take a look at these pics.  None of them are mine.  All I did was convert them to black and white and put them onto a template.  All the rest is her work.

She also showed some of the pics she had been taking of a young mothers group she goes to and they are great.  This girl’s got talent,…. a natural eye for composition.  She’s not afraid to just have a go. Oh yeah she’ll make the odd mistake but make no mistake on this,… she is learning really quick from the ones that don’t work and even quicker from the ones that go WOW!   I will keep you posted on her progress.



Her family is going to get great photos and so are the people who become her clientèle! So what do you reckon?


2 Responses to “New Mum New Photographer”

  1. Gayle said

    wow Nils! Your photography is amazing!! Thanks for sharing them Dave,,,she has inspried me greatly. I would love to hear more about Adobe Lightroom…is it a program different to photoshop?

  2. Hey! Everyone Rocks on this page! Work is Fantabulous! YAY!

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