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Romance in Harold Boas Gardens

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, December 15, 2007

Have been doing a project for a while now – a family shoot extended over a longer period of time.  Tried this with a few people but for one reason or another, til now, it just hasn’t got to completion stage.  Today was time for the couple themselves,… alone,… 3 young children not tagging along,… just husband and wife alone in a fabulous park right in the centre of Perth city.

Now this park just has to be the best kept secret in West Australia.  Awesome place.  Great lighting. Fabulous opportunity to relax and take some romantic pics like they haven’t had since they were married a million years ago.  Well maybe not so long but sometimes when the little feet start pounding the household all attention seems to permanently go there too. Got some brilliant photos – they were right into one another and quickly got the hang of ignoring photographer and assistant.

So a couple of pics…


Quite Relaxed


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