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Carine Glades Swamp Fire

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, December 7, 2007

Late yesterday afternoon my drive home was abruptly interupted. I actually took a detour to buy my wife flowers – hint hint to the married guys – and suddenly the sound of choppers filled the sky. Two water choppers flying back and forth to blast the life out of a fire on the central island in Carine Glades Swamp.

Seems some “teenager guys” [though this is an allegedly!!!” had once again set fire to the native fauna sanctuary. By the time I arrived the main blaze had been quelled but I still got some pics of the airborne & seaborne assault and the mopping up. Fortunately I only had one camera and an 85mm portrait lens and a wide – no long telephoto. But the lighting was fabulous for it.

Enjoy a few of the pics – one of the choppers dumping his water bomb load in seconds,… and then some great ground shots of the hovercraft assault.


Click on READ MORE [below] to see fabulous pics of the ground force (our fearless fire brigade) using a small hovercraft to launch a seaborne assault (crossing the 25 metres of water to the central island) following the air bombing. The massing spectators loved it.


Only one passenger a trip. But the wet-air blast gave some fun for the kidly-winks watching.

Air blastng Young Children

Into the Fray

Reassessing Strategy

A wider view

As you can see the real damage was to the habitat that the island provides. Seems this was the largest of a spate of fires that have been lit in and around the area. There’s always a small portion of pea-brained people who get their kicks out of creating havoc. Kudos to the guys and girls of the fire brigade who gave rapid response and worked under difficult conditions to get onto the island.


2 Responses to “Carine Glades Swamp Fire”

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  2. Ant said

    Great photos – looks like some Pin head has been at it again 22-12-07, wonder if you have more photos of the airborne assault today – 4 helicopters operating for much of the day only just managed to keep the blaze under control.

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