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Posted by akessonphotography on 1, November 18, 2007

An aspect of my job that I love is we get to meet all sorts of people from all sorts of places – Copenhagen, Singapore, USA, Ireland,… you name it. It’s called the OS FACTOR! That’s one great positive about a global corporation. These last couple of weeks we’ve had a couple more. John from Boston and Chong from New Jersey. So before they left the obligatory staff pics had to be taken. You never know their families might even like them too.

Second pic was pushed strongly down the contrasty tone line with some presets I picked up for my Lightroom program – in fact all these pics are now being processed done almost entirely in Adobe Lightroom. Now that’s a program that is really worth getting – especially if you use the raw facilities of digital cameras. I haven’t had that one long but given another month I reckon my workflow will really be humming. Results look great.

Anyway back to second pic. Once I got it into photoshop I put it through some watercolour. Well it came out a little bit different than I had planned. Nonetheless I still like it. Love the way the brick background ended up too.

Chng 1

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For the technical folk,… 35mm lens held about 8 or 10 inches from his face. I think he actually was worried I was trying to poke his eyes out. Still, being the fabulous gentleman he is, he trusted me and the result was great.

Now this guy on the left, John, was with us for a bit over a week. He was terrific. Has a natural ability to instill confidence in people. So as he went it was like, so we’re part of a giant global corp, but still the human factor is highly valued… great stuff John! And the fella on the right, well he is now our resident 4 leaf clover. You’ll see more of him.

The OS Factor

and the obligatory close up



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