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A [Maternity Paced] Stroll In The Park

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, November 12, 2007

Have been slow getting up some more of these. As you can see from earlier posts I had this late afternoon stroll into a local park with a very “expectant” young man, his fabulously “almost ready” young wife, and two extremely undersized doggies (though they did say that that’s the way of that breed). These little boys looked quite well fed but just don’t walk very fast despite their legs going furiously.

Nonetheless, we took a heap of pics and a few of my favourites are here for them to see – and tell long distant family/friends to have a look. Looking forward to taking some pics of the new mum with her brand new bub.

The ‘current’ family

The ‘current’ Babies

More great pics [including my favourite] to see by clicking on “Read More”……

Just below here  


And this has got to be one of my personal favourites

Time is Near


A water-colour version of the “current” family

Had to finish with the water-colour version of this one. The effect if not all that obvious at this size, but I reckon a 16x16inch wall pic would show it up fabulously.

Last Sunday afternoon I had a brilliant session with a brother and sister and their respective young families. Check out the blog on Friday for a few from that shoot.


2 Responses to “A [Maternity Paced] Stroll In The Park”

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  2. Seth & Kaz said

    Dude, Flippen awesome photos!!

    Karen and I think that they are really cool. Thanks so much again.

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