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Photographs with Heather

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, September 23, 2007

Isn’t it so typical.  I take thousands upon thousands of photographs every year and yet it’s taken us about a month to get to taking just a few photos of Heather and myself.  I needed to send one off and realised our most recent rendition was nearly three years ago.

So here’s a pic of me and my life partner and wife, Heather.  Taken out the back in some great lighting yesterday by one of my daughters (see I didn’t get to take this one.)  You’ll see a sepia rendition of it in the Page About Akesson Photography and Contact Details near top right of the blog.

Heather and David Colour

Now don’t expect too many more of us this year.  Heather is much more at ease assisting the process from the other side of the scene.


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