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Enough to Drive You to Drink,… isn’t it!

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, September 21, 2007

Now this is a bit long,… but there is a pic at the end.

Probably just as well I don’t base my life around sport any more. Poor Eagles lost to Collingwood last week. One of our favourite stars pulled a huge hammy and would not have played for ages even if we won. Then the best player in the competition says,… “I want my mummy!… I want to go back to Victoria!” And he’s (Chris Judd) now out of contract and already gone to find a Melbourne team. Read about that one HERE.
So we give up on the footy and say, “Hey, the cricket’s on in South Africa!” Great. Turn our attention there and Captain Rick (he’s got a new hairdo and doesn’t want Ricky anymore) Ponting pulls a hammy. So too does one of our bowlers – even worse. Oh well it was only the 20 over hit and giggle series.

And tonight the Geelong Cats (raging favourites all year) kill of the Magpies [Collingwood]. You can read about that here. …… but wait. The Aussie Matilda’s are kicking goals in the soccer championships. Eeeeeeeeeeeh! Let’s watch the girls play sport.

Oh Dear. What’s life got to offer for an Eagles support who is so used to having their team give us a spark in life.

It’s enough to drive one to drink, isn’t it! Check out Matilda Bay’s Redback. Especially the Beez Neez drop.

Ok I can’t put a post up just with a lament over missing out on the Grand Final. After all there is light at the end of the tunnel and we’ll get half a team of champions in the making when we flog off Judd.

So here’s the pic of the day. A zimmerframe with an active pensioner!

Last Sunday I took some promo shots of a little old grandmother who’s almost in a zimmerframe. Well maybe the zimmerframe is a bit far fetched ….. an maybe she ain’t all that old either ….. but I did take some promo shots.

And here’s one for now. Maybe a few more tomorrow. Cherry is a fabulous communicator. In fact she’s brilliant. Sometimes think she’s a bit underrated. Thing is about her is that she has heaps to offer that is worth listening to. She has passion. Shehas a fabulous testimony of faith in a God who walks with us through a life journey and all the garbage that we encounter along the way. And she’s been hit by enough of that for 3 lives. And still her faith is unwavering. She’s got something that is worth sitting down and listening to.



Ahhhh… don’t have the info where she’s speaking this Sunday but come back tomorrow and I will have it up for you if you’re in the area. Here’s the pic and goodnight for now.



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