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A Few More In Various Tones and Degrees of Grain

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, August 12, 2007

Actually I’ve enjoyed playing around with this – has given me positive time to break inbetween creating some photoshows and albums.  I don’t think I’ve really done much experimental photoshop, so to speak, for a long time.  I used to try this sort of thing all the time in fi*lm days – remember when we used various shades adn deniers [is that the right word?] of stockings in front of the lens to get just the right effect! 

What I’m doing now is working on the right amount of grain/tone etc that will suit various outputs – eg canvas, art paper, glossy metallic paper etc.  I want my customers to get not just a good result but one that will WOW! the socks off them.  Feel free to email me or comment at the end of the post if you have some feedback.





And one with the subject in full colour!

Will II


2 Responses to “A Few More In Various Tones and Degrees of Grain”

  1. Your son in law said

    Hi David

    I love the ones of Chloe and Will. Very classical looking, especially the one of Chloe. Keep up the good work. I have dropped your name to some people from work who are getting married, and also to some people in charge of our end of year function to get you to do their stuff.


  2. Fiona Boylan said

    Hi David, Just got back from our trip to QLD and Ainslie told me the photos were up. I’ve had a look and am really impressed. Loving the ones in the sepia and B&W look. Will show to Gary and then we can narrow it down and I’ll let you know what size and how many etc. Thnaks for all your work on them!!!

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