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Textures and Grain

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, July 28, 2007

Didn’t quite finish the other 4 to that series. But this morning I had a doodle with a couple of other pics that I hadn’t got to process yet. Wanted to give the rough stone wall a real edgy look and that needed to move into tones of red/brown. Then I next took a setting that looks great in colour but I wanted to square it up and get an old style BW with lots of grain. Finally I just had to put one into a blue tone.  So here’s the end result. Really helped that Ad’nAng were enjoying the photos – or was it that they were enjoying being together whatever was happening!!!

Textures with Rock Wall

Old BW with heavy grain

Blue tones with textures

p.s…. if you haven’t check the music push on the arrow for the Camille Miller song I ‘What are you waiting for’ – it’s good.


One Response to “Textures and Grain”

  1. Camille said

    Thanks so much for featuring my album!
    Your pics are great!
    Cheers,Camille Miller

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