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It’s more than a song and a dance

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, July 20, 2007

Well I know I have thrown up a few too many of this wedding – and I promise I SHALL MOVE ON…. but I have to show this page. I love it. Then again I created it so I suppose I should have some affinity with it.

It’s a page I designed very intentionally for the groom. To me (as a guy) it speaks volumes about love and abandonment of a woman to her man – she’s giving herself body and soul and is doing it with absolute delight.

Hmmm. … now that’s an idea.

A song is needed.

How about the Queen of Soul.

Listen to the music as you gaze over the photos.

Feel free to comment back.

[sonific 34f583a843ddc5483d7b9964563463734be866f6]

Left hand page

Right hand page

And the full song and dance


One Response to “It’s more than a song and a dance”

  1. Hi David! I am honored that you are a reader of my blog. Thank you! Your work is great! If I was to get married again…you´d surely be invited to photograph me as a bride! Great colors! I think I didn´t express myself right on my last post. I am not the one pregnant…I already have 2 kids…no more for me! lol But keep checking the blog… 🙂

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