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Let’s Face It…..

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, May 31, 2007

we see all these make-up ads with flawless airbrushed skin and looooooooooooonnnnnnng eyelashes and absolutely no age lines – is it any wonder that [a] no woman will leave home without a complete facial and makeup session; and [b] they won’t let a camera zoom in very close at all.  But you know, I put this pic up as an example of what a real everyday “woman next door”  looks like cropped tight.  Sure I’ve given the pic a bit of a sharpen, some localised exposure and colour correction, and a warming filter.  But then I do that to EVERY photograph.

Shot outdoors, no flash but with a big white reflector (you can see it) to fill in the shadows.  And no,… she doesn’t live next door.  But she is a fabulous person with a really natural smile.

The “woman next door”


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