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Kids SuperStar 2007

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, May 20, 2007

Well they ran the best yet and the talent for all those young kids from ages 4 to around 12 was amazing. Some of the musicians were brilliant for such a young age. Really talented. And a couple of the singers were simply fabulous. They allllll had lots of fun and thoroughly enjoyed George the Gorilla who appeared with a baby gorillaette called Georgina!!! (and by the way: the work the team put into staging this event is just phenomenal – a credit to their dedication and to their leaders)

But the winner this year has got the sweetest of voices and she is such an awesome young lady – all of around 10 years of age (might be 11 but whatever – so young to have such a great voice). So many photos – but a quick pick of 4 of Em singing her heart out is all I have time for tonight – it’s late and work calls tomorrow.


More photos when you click on Read More below




For those who wonder,… and I often get emails asking what flash setting I take these on. But flash is distracting to the audience. So I take them all available light only. Photographing these events isn’t as easy as it looks. No flash, camera set on ISO640 manual operation at shutter between 1/40 and 1/60 second at aperture varying between f1.8 and f4. Lenses used were 50mm and 85mm Nikons.It’s heaps of fun. Just keep taking photos and edit in the ones you think are great and delete all those that just don’t make the grade because of eyes being closed or the movement totally blurring the subject. (sometimes they can be great too!) The more events you try the better you get with anticipating the action. So go for it.



One Response to “Kids SuperStar 2007”

  1. jlynne said

    Thankyou David for taking such wonderfull photos of my daughter, I really appreciate your skill and willingness to be at these events. I also was thrilled with the speed at which you had these shots available to view.

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