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Kids SuperStar 2007

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, May 19, 2007

Tomorrow is the annual Kids Church SuperStar where all the young folk who have been practicing their various items come together to show what they can do. Always amazing how much enthusiasm and talent comes out of little ones so young. [it’s our version of Australian Idol or Australia Has Talent]

Today the dedicated team of teachers and helpers were setting up the “lounge” in readiness. I was there to give some guidance as to the lighting. And of course to test it with a few shotsof those who were sort of standing still. REALLY pleased with the end result – not nearly as dark this year. So here’s a few pics of various folk – a Casey showing awesome modelling skills, along with balloon blowers, Coke-Zero sellers, and of course the obligatory youngster who wanders around just looking too cute. Some mothers do have them! (Steve was surely never that cute)

More tomorrow after the event.

Coke Is It!

Sorry Casey - no runway for the modelling skills 

To view more photos – click on Read More below.

BIG Red Balloons

And the cute ones

Of course there was lot’s to amuse oneself with toooo!

Love Streamers at this age


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