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EmCee of This Is Your Life

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, May 5, 2007

Back in February our church had a Celebration to recognise our Senior Pastor’s 25years as a Pastor. Cherry took on the MC role – funny title that … named in an age when only men did it.  Maybe she was the Mother of Ceremonies.

Anyway she did it with dignity and humour – a fabulous job. People were thoroughly engaged all the way through.  And Cherry had trouble keeping a straight face during it.  BUT.  I found one. So thought I would post probably one of the few “austere” moments.  I just know she’ll “love it to bits”!!!

Mother of all Ceremonies


One Response to “EmCee of This Is Your Life”

  1. Cherry said

    David Akesson – yeah right ” I’ll love it to bits”. Wait till I see you!!!! That photo needs to go – you will put people off your blog but thanks for the nice comments. It was a privilege to do it and such a fabulous suprise we pulled off!!!!

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