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Posted by akessonphotography on 1, April 1, 2007

Well after 7 years study, many essays, a thesis on asthma research, organising her own wedding (with her man of course!) the night of graduation finally came. Question is, do such nights have much relevance these days? Or are they just an opportunity for the academics to come out of the woodwork and say meaningless, forgettable things? Hmmm.

Having taken an hour to photograph this lovely young lady, to talk about the journey, to think about all the late nights and hard work and struggles to pay for bus fares let along clothes. Deadlines. Anxiety. Exams. The pain of an occasional fellow student falling out of the journey. A million and one things. We don’t really have many rites of passage in our contemporary community do we? Well this is one that was not to be missed. Her parents could not have been more pleased. Two degrees with honours and a fabulous career ahead of her.

So the photos. Formal, yet reflecting some of the University’s century old buildings. Places where she trod for seven years and where hundreds have gone before and thousands will follow. A night of transition indeed. The first is right in front of the bust of Socrates – now he was a smart cookie too!

In front of the statue of Socrates

The Formal Grad Shot

And a portrait.

This was such fabulous Light


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