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EVERYONE can have fun being photographed!

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, March 14, 2007

Friend of mine said I had been getting slack in posting on the blog lately;…. well I’ve been busy working on pics in the background. Nonetheless tonight it’s 8pm and I’m stuffed – too tired to pull up photoshop for anything serious. Consequently I get some overdue beauty sleep and between tomorrow and Sunday evening I’ll get heaps done because I won’t be so weary.

So. . . . it’s one pic. I just love this type of photo. Speaks volumes of the kind of people that they are – young parents who just happen to like each other a bit – or more. And full of energy & fun too [just as well as their youngster runs everywhere at a Zillion miles and hour]. They make a fabulous couple.


Now I know that some people are more open to expressing themselves in public than others. But I hold to the thought that if people just be themselves when having their photos taken, they can really enjoy it and the results are awesome. Just look at these two!!!

So if you want some really relaxed and fun photos taken that will remain treasured memories long after you get old and grey, then send me an email or ring me in Padbury on 0400 711 013. Take a long look at this blog. And you’ll see that the young folk I take photos of have lots of fun too.

I give you a money back guarantee that you will love the results.



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