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Growing Families

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, March 11, 2007

Saturday. Sun just coming up and the coolness of early morning air hanging over the city. My wonderful wife wakes me with a coffee and reminds me of the planned family shoot in Kings Park. At that point I wondered why on earth I stayed up so late doing up preparing wedding album photos. Motor through breakfast and a quick 30 minute drive later arrive; Kings Park is huge – overlooking the fabulous city of Perth. As picturesque a setting that you could ever get.

Three different couples, two with children. Most likely they too wondering why so early. But once we settled down to the task at hand it was obvious. Amazing soft light. Incredible setting – almost idyllic – with the quiet of the morning punctuated constantly by the huge array of birdlife. And this only five minutes walk from the city centre. Two and a bit hours later it was coffee time. In between we took photos of the whole group, individual families and then photos of the kids.

The shots below are just a sample – be a couple of weeks before I get to proofing. Almost on top of my workload but still 4 shoots well overdue for completion that will be finished first.

These four were wonderful

The youngest were the bravest

Two large family shots can be seen by clicking on “Read More

and the family shots …

The first Location

The second Family Location

Finally comes coffee and TURKISH DELIGHT ICE CREAM

The reward for a Job Well Done

And Coffee of Course

Coffee Break


3 Responses to “Growing Families”

  1. Ainslie said

    Hi David,

    Beautiful photos….can’t wait to see the rest.


  2. Fiona said

    Hi David,
    These look fantastic. Looking forward to seeing the others!

  3. Bill & Kerryn Mott said

    We’re really impressed with your work David. All of the photos are just gorgeous.

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