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My Sister’s Tribe

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, March 5, 2007

Tooks some photo’s last year for my sister and her offspring and the grandkids of course. She must be REALLY old to have grandkids – wouldn’t you think! Did a couple up today as I was putting more proofs up on the gallery for her. Actually she comes up really well. Got some fabulous photos of all the families.  Made a special effort with the couples too as they often get overlooked in their quest for pics of their kids. I think they’ll be pleased with the results.

The happy grandparents!!!

To see more relaxed portraits and the whole tribal gathering

click on READ more  just below

The tribal gathering

Sharon & Ian reliving their youth


Craig & Linda

And just to show the spark is still there after two young boys…..

The spark is still there

They were all quite fun to work with. Really relaxed in front of the camera.


3 Responses to “My Sister’s Tribe”

  1. Sarah Carpenter said

    Some lovely portraits here … I am just looking over the couple walking across the grass. I am curious to how you worked the light as the light on them is even but dappled on the ground. Did you use a fill flash?

  2. David Akesson said

    None of the photos shown have any flash. Late afternoon reflected sun only. As for the couple on the grass, only the 3 year old (and to some extent the bub) had direct sunlight. The others only had partially diffused/shaded light. All I did was to select their faces (in photoshop) and those parts in heavier shade and I lightened as necessary. That evened out the light and allowed them to remain the focus of attention. Some saturation of colours and diffusion helped too.

  3. Shirley Harris said

    Hi David
    Just loving all the photos and boy was it all worth the wait.
    Everyone else are feeling exactly the same and even the men.
    Love Shirley

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