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Celebrating 25 Years Continuous Service

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, February 18, 2007

Sunday was a huge event.

Now our church is pretty big by Australian sizes. And yet we managed to keep under wraps (at least from our Senior Pastor … the man in question) a total “This is your life” event. It’s been in planning for months too. So come the day John had no idea what was going on. People kept coming out of the woodwork; from New Zealand, Queensland, Kalgoorlie (a short 700+ kilometres) and the like. Bill Hybels from Chicago sent a message, as did a number of others around Australia. Lot’s of fabulous memories. Quite an incredible achievement to be serving in one church for 25 years and to have it regularly reinventing itself to remain contemporary in the local community. Well done John. That takes courage and commitment.

Took the odd picture. Will show some more later in the week or next week. For now just a couple to reflect the tone of the day – except of course when I managed to put a huge cork in my thigh when I tried to fly!

Some of the visitors.

And I couldn’t resist showing this next one – a very serious little lady!

Millie and her Nan


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