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Corporate Branding

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, February 8, 2007

My great friends at Roy Weston Integrity (Real Estate business in Maylands; a suburb of Perth) needed a whole new batch of staff photos for the wall of fame. So Wednesday morning was the day. Great morning of photographing a whole bunch of genuine people who know how look after their customers.

Also took some pics more along the way I would see their marketing directions heading!!!

First up is the welcoming committee who holds a gift for the person who buys one of their properties _ if that wasn’t what the Rawsons Retreat Cabernet Sauvignon was for then it must have been meant for me!!!

Welcoming The Buyers

Followed up with the formal leadership style;….. followed quickly by getting down to the business of selling real estate once again. Muscles is John Caputo, one or the 3 principals. At least his wife thinks he’s fabulous 🙂

Capitano Caputo

Now if you want to see these next two pics you will have to click on “Read More” below. As I said these are John getting right down to business by displaying his muscle prowess for the serious art of sales. He really is a genuine guy – just ask his wife – and if you want someone to seriously look after your real estate needs call him on 0433 158 384.

Muscling for BusinessThe Hard Sell

This is the genuine article – Beauty and the Beast – is it not!!!


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