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Posted by akessonphotography on 1, February 3, 2007

Had to happen eventually. I’ve moved jobs. After a tad over 6 years. No longer am I the illustrious Business Manager of Christian City Church Hepburn Heights. Nope. In fact on Valentines day I commence as a Bookkeeper in the financial arena with Verigen (see the profile top right). [wonder if they’ll celebrate my coming with a cake for lunch – it is Valentines day after all!!!] And if you are wondering,… No! I am not changing my church – I’ll still be an active member there. But like all larger churches after 3 or 4 weeks I’m sure someone will ask me, “You new here or just visiting?” 🙂 Bound to happen.

And to celebrate a pic of someone who was doing something good for her future. I grabbed a photo from one of the two wedding albums I’m in process of putting together. This young lady was quite adventurous in the photos – but this one was during that really nervous period when the clock was ticking down and the heartbeat was loud and strong!


Then, of course, once she had her man lock stock and barrel, all was relaxed and some fabulous photographs came about.



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