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RYAN,… & some news.

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, February 2, 2007

Been hugely busy. Big news coming up – maybe tomorrow. But in midst of that there’s been two wedding albums to do – ones almost done the other in real early stages – and some portrait’s to complete for printing. So next week you’ll see some fabulous end results as I send a variety of kids, couples and young folk pics off to the lab.

Tuesday week (13th Feb) have a fab seminar to be at – Tero Sade is a brilliant people photographer (and other things too!) and he’s here for a one dayer at Wollaston College. Check out his Website work.

My pic for today is a collage of Ryan. This guy is a great big gentle giant. 10 foot tall and 105kg – something like that. Loves his basketball. And a real nice guy to book. Got some pics late in the day just as the sun was setting and about to pop out from the clouds before dropping below the horizon. Lighting was brilliant.


You agree the lighting was amazing???


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