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A New Year Breaks Through

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, December 31, 2006

Well it’s just a minute or so past midnight and Happy New Year to you as your eyes look over this post.   Last few days I have contemplated on what made up the year 2006.  It’s hasn’t been my favourite year.  But today I guess I decided that it’s been, it’s now gone (maybe a little tooo fast), life lessons have presented themselves, opportunities have been both taken and missed.  But I’m alive,… and so are my family, and I have the opportunity now to face 2007 positively and resolutely.  It is going to be a very good year.

New Year’s Resolutions – nah! But I have set in place a draft business plan for the year 2007. I love taking photos of people.  So part of that plan is to make sure I take an average of one shoot every week and have them posted within 5 days.  Now that is going test workflow processes.  But that’s what I’ve spent the last twelve months refining. Now’s the time to produce the goods and develop a great customer referral network.  Hope you will see the growth through this blog.

Have just spent the last 20 or so minutes sending some emails and then decided to put up a couple more pics from last Wednesdays shoot.  Couldn’t decide which one I preferred in the family shot (colour or a platino toning), so both go up – if you have a preference hit the comment button and tell me.  But the first one is all about a tender-hearted mum soothing her ten month bub.  She did great,… and we got some fabulous shots.a mothers love


Colour Version

HAPPY NEW YEAR – May you be blessed and prosper through it.



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