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Platinum-toned Storyboard

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, December 2, 2006

Today has been busy batch-processing a huge wedding album – getting ready for printing come Monday. Am working long and hard at getting completed all I can before the printers close for Christmas/New Year.

While that was happening I’ve discovered a storyboard I had created but not printed. Have been working on platinum toning (which seems to have a wide variety of finishes) and this is an example of it. Mind you when talking to clients I simply call it a “light-sepia”.

Finished product is somewhat wide so will go right across the screen – but I decided to show it anyway. Took the photos earlier in the year but hadn’t finished them. I’m framing the storyboard as an 8 x 20inch photo. See if you like it.

First a single shot… then the storyboard.


Nat Twirling in Hyde Park


One Response to “Platinum-toned Storyboard”

  1. That is such a stunning series of images, just beautiful.

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