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Peter – Family Man/Real Estate Salesman

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, November 28, 2006

Interesting how we develop perceptions on what ought to be.  Continuing on with my last post, [business photos of staff at RoyWeston Integrity] it seems that we develop a “political correctness” on the way to portray ourselves in most professions.  Real Estate is no different.  Business-like, efficient, effective, friendly, customer-orientated, honest. That’s how those in the industry want themselves to be seen. On the other side buyers and sellers are asking,… “will they do the right thing by me if I give them my business?”  So what is the right way of portraying someone who sells real estate?

Peter I met for only an hour.  Gained a positive impression of him as a guy with a sense of humour;  who is relational; who genuinely likes people and loves his family.  So how do I portray him correctly?  Good question.  took one of his formal full length photos and did some bleaching on it and added noise on the background.  You can make up your own mind. Whether you like the end result isn’t the point.  In this case the photo represents something of him I perceived.

Peter - Family man,… real estate salesman


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