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Posted by akessonphotography on 1, August 13, 2006

Friday night/Saturday we held a “Real Men” conference – this year about influence. Sometimes you’ve just got to wonder what it is to be a real man in a world of confusion and gender-bending. But we gave it a go.

Photos below are of one of the speakers – Darren Hultgren. He used to be a police officer in West Australian Police Service About 10 years ago took up as Youth Pastor with our church. Then 4 years ago planted a church in Crawley – expensive little suburb just out of Perth City. It’s is going great guns – and is it any wonder,… Darren is one extremely fantastic speaker. His humour is right on target. He’s a world class act.

Many faces of Darren Hultgren

As I said, he really gets a great story across – actions and vocals included!!!


Couple of other little incentives at the conference – Red 427 Cobra, Black Porsche, and a Harley trike for half a dozen guys to go for a cruise. All great fun. Guy drooling over the Porsche is Ryan Waters – he’s a great youth pastor up at Joondalup.
Real Men Cars


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