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Cats – Domestic Dictators

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, August 5, 2006

I’m not a person who ever wanted pets. Grew up on a farm where animals had a purpose to fulfil. In the 60’s we had some 22 semi tame felines and 50 million mice. Couple of thousand sheep and 400 turkeys.

So if weren’t for having two daughters,… probably would never have had pets. But over the years a number have managed to rise to the exalted position of Domestic Dictators. The latest is Leyla – 6 months old moggie who terrorises the other cat in our house. I simply cannot understand why we have them. They consume too much, create chaos, and leave smelly presents in litter boxes.

Meet Leyla.



So butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth… . . . Now here’s the rub. Chai is an 18month old Abyssinian who lived in a cage and whose sole role in life was to be a stud. Yet this ex- ‘king of the cage’ quite happily lets Leyla rule the roost and win most of the (play) fights. Do we humans learn our behaviour from them or what!!!




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