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Festivale Conference

Posted by akessonphotography on 1, July 16, 2006

The CCC One Festivale conference was an absolute blast. Fabulous. Hundreds of teenagers and young adults cramming into sessions of fun, worship, lifestyle teaching, food, more fun, and just plain ole connecting with one another. An then there was the pancake sizzles. Great. Seth Brooks did an incredible job mobilising hundreds of young volunteers. I took a pile of shots throughout the process. Here’s some of them.


Seth is an incredible communicator. He also had a pile of other Youth Leaders from around the WA C3i group, including:

Ryan Waters

Ryan Waters
and from CCC Fremantle there was Luke Finkelde . This guy is so laid back – his humour is something else.

Luke Finkelde

And finally some pics from the conference itself:

Festivale Conference
Some more later in the week.  By the way, the conference mascot was “Percy the Pig (let)” – Percy was quite young and led around on a leash.  He escaped and was found trying to cross the Mitchell Freeway – almost ended up as bacon!!!


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