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Posted by akessonphotography on 1, June 14, 2006

In the midst of weddings in Australia there is a brief time between all the adreneline rush leading into the ceremony and the celebrations to come at the reception. During the location shoot the bride gets a chance to relax, take a breath and enjoy the moment. That's what this image portrays. Says it all.



3 Responses to “Danae”

  1. Helen said

    What a great photo. It really captures the moment. A credit to the photographer being able to make the bride relax.

  2. john caputo said

    Hi Dave,

    Nice photos and good hanging out with you guys last night Phil had some good points.

    You have a good web site here i like the way you make it personal leaving comments for people to read.

    Thanks for the publicity – my mug shot – i hope your right my boy takes after my wife.

    If you can please email us a photo of yourself we can then make u a part of our team – you can display a write up of your self and your business

  3. jlynne said

    Just Love this shot of Danae.

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